Angry Birds activity parks to launch worldwide

Angry Birds has been one of the most successful games in recent years, selling millions of copies across multiple platforms. It seems as if the developer Rovio have plans to take over the world as they want to enter into the ‘playground’ sector.
They are teaming up with playground specialist ‘Lappset Group’ to create the parks worldwide. These parks will feature interactive content and ‘exclusive’ downloads, according to the BBC. The first will be built in Finland, with the United Kingdom to follow later.
Who ever thought that flinging birds across a scrolling screen would end up almost a ‘lifestyle choice’. It is the most popular paid for mobile application of all time. The fact it has targeted a wide audience, including young children has meant that there has also been a range of cuddly toys released and even new clothing.

Lappset marketing director Johan Granholm spoke to the BBC “Rovio wanted to invite people who play the game to not only sit inside on the sofa, but to go out, move themselves and have fun. You have large screens where you can play the games in the park. There’s a tunnel that you have to ruin though at a certain speed – if you don’t get there in time you get sprayed with water.”
We don’t expect they will allow kids to be hurled through the park in the same manner as the birds in the mobile game. Too many safety concerns we reckon.
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