Anonymous to take down YouTube within 72 hours

Anonymous hackers threaten to punish YouTube ‘first amendment violation'

Anonymous video screenshot 
Anonymous has threatened to "unleash hell" if a YouTube account associated with the group is not reactivated.
In a video statement posted on 25 March, hackers affiliated with Anonymous criticised YouTube's closure of the account, TheAnonMessage, claiming it was against the US constitution.
"Your block on TheAnonMessage's account has directly violated First Amendment rights of the constitution of the United States. This violation stands against everything our collective believes in," stated the unnamed video spokesperson.
The statement accused YouTube of censoring TheAnonMessage, claiming the account was closed because it had posted videos critical of the Kony 2012 viral video.
Directed by Jason Russell, the Kony 2012 video was credited as part of the Invisible Children organisation's Stop Kony mission.
Calling for the arrest of the north Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army's leader Joseph Kony, the 30-minute documentary was publicly criticised by Anonymous for misusing charitable funding and exaggerating claims that warped the facts.
The message warned that if the account was not reactivated within 72 hours, the collective would take action.
"YouTube: If you do not open access to TheAnonMessage's account within 72 hours, we will unleash hell."
YouTube had not responded to V3's requests for comment at the time of publication.
Anonymous has a track record of targeting larger corporations, for example PayPal over its decision to block payments to Wikileaks.
As well as mounting a distributed denial of service attack on the company's website, the collective has also mounted a legal campaign calling for consumers to shutdown their PayPal accounts.
Prior to its YouTube threat, Anonymous continued its anti-papal campaign, defacing several Mexican websites ahead of the Pope's visit to the country.
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