A New Console to Grace Living Rooms Around the World?!

Rumors regarding a Steam console, the “Steam Box,” have been flying.  Steam currently offers a way to instantly download purchased games to your computer.  In fact, Steam has done so well that sales have doubled for the seventh consecutive year.  Gabe Newell, co-founder and director of Valve Corporation, was recently named one of the richest people in the world, ranking 854th out of 1,226 billionaires.
steam logo 300x300 A New Console to Grace Living Rooms Around the World?!
Although nothing official has been released regarding the Steam Box, Valve is expected to reveal the box during this week’s Game Developers Conference or at the next E3.  Valve already patented  a Steam Box controller, filed in 2009 and published last year.  The patent includes a controller in which hardware (like buttons and control sticks) can be taken off and replaced with trackpads.  The Steam Box is expected to “redefine the market of home entertainment,” as it would be entirely separate from gaming systems like the Playstation and Xbox, allowing other non-gaming services to be sold and serving as a “small, reasonably powered PC connected to a television that also hosts a couch-friendly controller-based interface.”
article img A New Console to Grace Living Rooms Around the World?!
The box...the Steam Box.

Puppy Says: A new console like the Steam Box would shake things up in the gaming world, giving gamers more options and making Sony and Microsoft adapt accordingly.  Be sure to follow KitGuru’s articles to learn about the truths behind the rumors!
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