Nvidia GTX680 review hits the net from a disgruntled Tweaktown

The first review of the GTX680 has hit the net, seemingly before the official NDA broke.

Tweaktown however seem a little disgruntled with Nvidia as they say “Since NVIDIA sent us nothing on the GTX 680 codenamed “Kepler” – no press deck, no whitepaper, no conference call information, no sample, no NDA date – absolutely nothing – we’re kind of winging it here. Something we don’t really like to do. But when I woke up this morning again with no information from NVIDIA, I was just over it and decided to knock this review over straight away as clearly we weren’t going to hear anything from them. How is that for professionalism? (Ed: Shocking!)
We’ve sent countless email and the fact this is going up before NDA time is going to annoy a lot of people. In our defense, we don’t actually know the NDA time because NVIDIA Taiwan won’t respond. Plus, I’m personally just past caring about it anymore. Our relationship with NVIDIA is so broken that it doesn’t matter what we do, they have no interest in dealing with us on a professional level. Due to the region NVIDIA North America won’t deal with us and NVIDIA Taiwan just don’t like us and / or don’t want to work with us at all.”

The first page of the review is actually more a complaint about the way Nvidia treat the publication, but as we get into the testing, the card seems to be performing well. They gave it 96% as a final score.
If you want to see how the card performs, head over to this page.
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