2013 SRT Viper gets official

I’ve always liked the way the Dodge Viper looked, even if the roofline never seemed to match the body of the car. When Dodge discontinued the Viper, it was sad to see such a cool American supercar disappear. Thankfully, SRT revived the Viper and it is back as a 2013 SRT branded vehicle. Much of the car’s design is the same, and it still has that funny looking roof.

SRT is a Chrysler Street and racing technology group that traditionally massages Dodge and other vehicles under the corporate umbrella. For 2013 SRT changed the styling of the car and gave it more power. The chassis has been strengthened with an X-brace under the hood that promises to make the car 50% stiffer than the old one. The car uses aluminum and carbon fiber and is designed for lightweight. The 2013 Viper is 32% lighter than the previous version at 3297 pounds with the optional Track Pack.
The 6.4 L V10 engine makes 640 hp and 600 pound-feet of torque giving the car a better power to weight ratio than the Lamborghini Aventador. The seats inside the Viper come from the same supplier that provides Ferrari with the seats it uses. The new 2013 Viper also gets a bunch of electronic driver’s aids to help keep would-be racers out of the ditch. The car gets launch control, traction control, and stability control, which can all be defeated if desired. The car is expected to cost about $95,000.
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