Diablo 3 beta, how is the game shaping up?

I spent some time with the Diablo 3 beta this weekend, for the most part trying to get it to actually work.
The open beta launched which required a fat broadband connection for the download, not a major concern. Unfortunately after getting the game installed I experienced more than a few launch errors. In the end I left it ‘hanging’ to get some breakfast and found that it appeared to take a long time to update the code.
After a few hours I did manage to get into the beta code and I was impressed with the graphic style. It certainly won’t be pushing the envelope in 2012, however the old school style backdrops are appealing.
It is important to realise that the beta itself isn’t going to be representative of the final code, more a ‘teaser’ for the upcoming release. I think there is a good indication that the game will capture the gaming audience who love an interactive journey through a fantasy world. It is hard to tell right now if Blizzard have managed to push the genre ‘ahead’, but in reality
One of my favourite games in recent years was Torchlight 2, spending many a fun packed night hacking down monsters and collecting new loot. If Diablo 3 can capture elements of that game and wrap it up with Blizzard presentation and characterizations, they may be onto a winner. Personally I feel its too early to make a call.
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