iPad 3 Wifi problems rage on

We have reported before that some people have been complaining that their new iPad 3 has been experiencing Wi-Fi problems. While the Kitguru staff have yet to experience the issue, there are several discussions online which are continuing to grow.
One thread on the official Apple forum for instance has now received over 860 messages at time of publication. The problem seems to be more widespread now that more people have bought the new tablet computer. The majority of complaints have been issued by the Wi-Fi model owners, although some 4G enabled tablets appear to be experiencing the same problem.
Some users are complaining that their iPad has a problem even connecting to their wireless network while others claim that their iPad 3 is losing the connection after a short time. Reading the thread would highlight that many of the networks are giving a strong signal, so the problem isn’t that simple.

One user Sully2003 says “Same here! Will not hold WIFI for more than a few minutes. Two MacBooks and iPhone working fine from same router. Ready to return iPad!!!!!”
Another, called lt_Caveman added “I had an ipad1 and no problems,  ipad2 and no problems, ipad3 wifi is WEAK. Settings are the same as the ipad2. I am running a iPhone 4s and an i7 MacBook air on the same routers. I have two year old Apllt Airport Extreme, one at work one at home and there are setup the same. Only the iPad three give me wifi issues. All routers and devices have all updates installed. I even tried a dual band netgear router and all my stuff has great connectivity and range expect the iPad. If this is the trade off for the better display, it just not worth it and then new pad will be returned for refund. I’ll give it a few more days to see if Apple release any updates that might help but for the first time the hype of the new device just hasn’t stacked up”.
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  1. This problem was so irritating, I got so fed up with it. A friend suggested trying the "Forget This Network" reset method, which used to work on the older models, but this didn't improve the wifi range at all. Right when I lost all hope, I came across WIRED magazine and found a review of Pong Research cases. After seeing the great feedback on their products, I bought one and it finally put an end to the problem.


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