SteelSeries Fnatic 7H Headphones Review (Limited Edition)

Today we are lucky enough to get our hands on a set of the new SteelSeries Fnatic 7H headphones. Team Fnatic are considered one of the top ranked professional gaming teams on the planet. The fact that members of team Fnatic are involved in the design of this headset should raise the anticipation level of any gamer that may be considering a new headphone purchase.
Even though some of you know something about Fnatic we thought it would be good to provide a bit of their gaming history:
“Ever since the birth of what we know as playing computer games professionally, there has been Fnatic. Having lodged the quickest Painkiller, Unreal Tournament and Quake Live players, the most clever WarCraft III, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft players, the most avid Dota, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth players, and last but not least the most experienced Call of Duty and Counter Strike teams. Fnatic is known for scooping up talent before you even knew it existed. Fnatic houses players from across the globe, have won multiple world championships across game genres, and are one of the most accomplished gaming teams in the world.”

Key Features:
  • closed type headset that provides ambient noise reduction.
  • retractable built in microphone.
  • detachable non-tangle braided cord.
  • inline volume and microphone controls.
  • ear cushions with SNDBlock material for sound isolation.
  • Frequency response: 18 – 28.000 Hz.
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm.
  • SPL@ 1kHz, 1 Vrms: 112 dB.
  • Cable length: 1 + 2 = 3 m (9,8 ft.).
  • Jacks: 3,5 mm.
  • Frequency response: 50 – 16.000 Hz.
  • Pick up pattern: Uni-directional.
  • Sensitivity: -38 dB.

The Fnatic 7H headphones ship in full retail packaging which displays both the SteelSeries and Fnatic logos on the front. SteelSeries has cut out a portion of the front of the box to allow potential buyers to get a look at the headphones. We think they look incredible.

The opposite side of the box also contains both logos with a picture of the headphones located between them. They have also included the key features and specifications in multiple language to accommodate the global markets.

Both ends of the box advertise the company logos and highlight side views of the Fnatic 7H headset inside.

The headphones are safely stored in a rigid plastic shell which should protect them from any potential shipping damage. The final image details everything inside the box.
There is the headset, the user manual, a second set of ear cups and the braided non-tangle cord. It is great to see an additional set of ear cups included.

The Fnatic 7H are a very stylish looking set of headphones with a black, orange, and white contrasting color scheme. The other available SteelSeries Fnatic products also use the same color combination which has proven to be very eye catching and popular. The design of the ear cups are referred to as closed style. Because they surround the entire ear, they reduce ambient noise levels when gaming. The reduction in noise allows the gamer to better focus on directional sounds which can help locate in game enemies.

The Fnatic 7H also have a retractable microphone that can be used to communicate with teammates during online gaming sessions or it can be used with other applications that make use of VOIP technology. When you are not using the microphone it can be retracted into the ear cup and stored out of the way.

The Steelseries Fnatic 7H are simple to break down for travelling which is something we can really appreciate. To break the set down we just press on a small button on the inside panel of each ear piece allowing them to disconnect from the headband.

The cushioned pads are easily removed if we ever feel the need to change them. When we replace the ear pads, there are markings on the headset that show exactly how the replacements would have to line up.

The replacement set of ear cushions that come with the Fnatic 7H are all black unlike the original bright orange set. One feature that caught our eye when testing the Fnatic 7H is the detachable cord. It simply needs to be unplugged from the ear piece which makes looking after the cord much easier when it’s time to travel.
It is our opinion that this feature could extend the life of the headset. In the past we have noticed that the area where where the cable connects to the ear pieces is one of the most common areas of failure with a headset.

The cord is actually made up of 2 desperate sections. The portion that connects to the headset includes an inline switch to control the volume levels of the headset and microphone. If you only want a short cable length this section would be all that is required to make the headset operational.
The 2nd part of the cord is basically just an extension for those of us that dont like being restricted by a short cable while wearing a headset.
We like the fact that if we were to step on the cord or get wrapped around something, the cord disconnects itself from the headset. This could prevent damage to the cord because its not permenantly attached to the ear piece.
Now we get to our favorite part of the review, which involves testing the headset in three completely different scenarios. The first area of testing will focus on gaming but we will also be viewing a couple of Blu ray titles, as well as listening to a few choice selections from our music collection.
It’s been a long time since I sat back and actually spent any amount of time gaming, but when I can, old school first person shooters like the Unreal Tournament series still rank among my favorites. That is why we are going to use Unreal Tournament 3 and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for this section of our testing.
Unreal Tournament 3 is a good choice when ascertaining audio quality. The game is built around the Unreal Engine which supports all the latest major audio compression schemes. It offers 3D sound positioning, multi-channel playback and the game has a great set of audio tracks that can get the adrenaline pumping.
The closed design of the ear pieces is excellent at removing background noise which makes it much easier to concentrate on the game.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is another one of our favourite shooters and is the most recent release from the Call of Duty franchise. Again the Steelseries Fnatic 7H added plenty of realism to the gaming experience. In single player mode CODMW3 benefits from positioning and we found that it was easy to tell the areas of ‘action’ during the game. When wearing the 7H headset audible instructions were clear and defined even when facing an enemy onslaught with mortars exploding all around.
Blu-ray : For this part of our testing we used the Blu-ray version of The Dark Knight featuring Heath Ledgers who played the role of Joker. Watching a movie like The Dark Knight wearing a headset brings an entirely new perspective to the experience of watching a movie at home. The soundtrack is very dramatic and the headset conveyed the rise and flow of the movie well. Sound isolation was also a plus point as ambient noises in the environment were mostly hidden from ear shot.
Audio: We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of sound reproduced by the Fnatic 7H headset. The bass was tight and focused when playing our favorite rock classics. Higher frequencies remained clean with only minor sibilance, even when the volume was pushed to the limits.
When listening to acoustic music the 7H delivered crystal clear frequencies with a rounded mid range, suiting both female and male vocalists. Guitar strings were both clear and crisp, with enough body in the upper mid range to deliver a beautiful, realistic sound.
After spending a solid week listening to the new Steelseries Fnatic 7H headset we have left with positive impressions.
The closed cup design virtually eliminates background noise, allowing us to concentrate strictly on the media we are listening to. They are simple to break down if you want to travel with them and the two piece braided, non tangle cord quickly disconnects from the ear piece.
The headset was very responsive to positional 3D audio when playing Unreal Tournament 3 and is just as good when watching a movie or when just listening to music.
The 50mm drivers that Steelseries use in the Fnatic 7H provide a detailed audio experience with crisp and clear highs, well balanced mid range tones, and exceptionally tight low end response.
  • solid build quality.
  • easily disassembled for travel.
  • braided non tangle cord.
  • great audio quality.
  • visually appealing.
  • Nothing to speak of.
You can buy these headphones from Amazon in the UK for £99.99 inc vat. If you happen to be in the market for a great sounding and cool looking headset, then the Steelseries Fnatic 7H will not disappoint.
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