Apple to boost iPhone screen by half an inch

A few months ago we first reported on the rumours that Apple were planning to enlarge the iPhone screen for the next release. The rumours have been persisting since we first published the details and according to sources Apple have started to place orders for new displays from suppliers in Japan and South Korea.
The new iPhone screens are said to measure 4 inches from corner to corner, which translates to approximately a 30 percent increase in display size. Apple have always used 3.5 inch screens since introducing the first iPhone in 2007.
Is bigger always better? Apple set to upgrade the iPhone screen size
According to sources in Taipei Apple will be relying on three screen suppliers which could begin as soon as June with production planned shortly afterwards.
Many people feel the 3.5 inch size is perfect, however Apple have been facing mounting pressure from competitors such as Samsung who have recently released their top of the line Galaxy smartphone with a 4.8 inch screen and faster processing power.
The 5 inch Dell Streak received mixed reviews when it was released, with many people feeling it was just too big to handle daily. With an new 4 inch iPhone, many feel it may be just a little too big, however we know that a portion of the enthusiast audience will love the idea of a larger screen. Whether it will be as practical after a few months of use is a question for a different day.
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