California – A Land of Golden Opportunity for Careers in Gaming

It’s no secret that California (and more specifically Silicon Valley) is home to some of the most influential companies in the world…Google, Yahoo, eBay, Netflix – each play a significant role in shaping global business, and Californian manpower is equally as prominent within the video game industry.
Many prominent game studios are headquartered in California, such as Blizzard, EA, and LucasArts, and some are headquartered abroad with operations in California (Nintendo, Square Enix, Namco Bandi, Ubisoft).  This accounts for incredible opportunity within the video game industry here, particularly due to significant industry growth during recent years.  Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for ESA Erik Huey said that even during the great recession, the industry increased a whopping 125% in the past five years, making the industry more lucrative than music and box offices.  For this reason, Huey believes, “These are highly lucrative jobs at the epicenter of the 21st century digital economy.  These are the jobs of tomorrow, and states want them.”
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In addition to providing a significant number of jobs, the industry pays its Californian employees an average yearly salary of $97,000.  The state is also a key player in educating future game developers: it houses 50 universities with game design programs, accounting for almost 15% of US game programs.  According to the ESA, California has the largest amount of game employees in the US, with California, Texas, Washington, New York, and Massachusetts accounting for a grand total of 71% of the industry’s total direct employment.  California itself houses 41% of the nation’s industry workers, adding $2.1 billion to California’s economy over a period of 4 years.
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Puppy says: Since California is such a lucrative state for careers in gaming, it is a noteworthy destination for young, budding game developers…besides, how can you top that view?
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