Facebook to sell for almost $100 Billion this month

What started off as one man’s vision for bringing the whole college dating experience to a much wider audience will, around 18th May 2012, propel Mark Zuckerberg to around number 33 on the Forbes list of the richest people on the planet.

One of the most successful floatations of all time was Google, which barely passed the $23 billion mark. Given that Facebook will command $28 to $35 a share when it opens on the stock exchange (Nasdaq specifically)  in a couple of weeks’ time, it will instantly become the biggest floater around.
While it’s hard to make predictions in the 10-20 year range for a company like Facebook, its purchase of fast-growing-mobile-photo-sharing operation, Instagram, means that most of the folks on the planet that speak English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish will be doing the click-edit-share in/around Zuckerberg-owned software for some time to come.
If only there was a 'Social Network II' so the actors could cash in a little more
Wise investors will be buying up huge chunks of Facebook, hoping that it will carry on rising past $50 a share and beyond. If it does, then it could well become the staple-share-option for many a pension fund.
With all of the positive hype around Facebook, Zuckerberg himself still has his detractors.
While writing this story, KitGuru noticed that Zuckerberg comes up as a spelling mistake. When we right click for options, we get a shot of vitriol, right in the eye.
Schoolboy humour anyone?
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