iPhone 5 photo leaked?

With Samsung in the driving seat as far as the summer Olympics goes, it won’t take much from Apple to usurp the Korean sponsor – given the fervour of its fans. Scanning theinterwibble for info, Dogz have come across a credible shot of the iPhone 5, but is it real? We don skin tight Lycra shorts and make the Usain Bolt pose while checking.
The best PR always trumps the best advertising.
Even if the advert is amazing, wonderful and fantastic – you still had to pay for it.
Apple knows that by leaking tiny shots of the upcoming iPhone 5, it can easily match the coverage that Samsung will buy for the Galaxy S3 – without spending a penny. Worse, they can get coverage even when the shot is not a shot.
A tiny, weirdly angled, pic has emerged on the interwibble, which encouraged us to install Photoshop CS6 for a quick play.
Having done the usual blowing up, de-speckling, angle adjusting and bi-lateral warp drive phase variancing – we dropped a suitably strong background in and ended up with this shot.
Which leaves us with just 3 questions: Will this be the new iPhone 5?  When will it be available?  Do we want one?

His ghost wants you, but do you want it?
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