Samsung Galaxy S III uses Pentile display for longevity

The Samsung Galaxy S III was revealed to the public last week surrounded by iPhone levels of hype, but with that came iPhone 4S levels of disappointment. One of the main complaints was the 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display having a Pentile matrix, even though it has a 720p resolution and a rather high PPI count of 306.
Samsung decided to use a Pentile display in the Galaxy S III to increase the lifespan of the display
Samsung has defended its use of the Pentile sub-pixel arrangement that has one red and one blue pixel for every two green ones, over the more traditional RGB stripe. The Pentile effect can cause issues with text clarity and image colour. The Korean mobile giants says that they chose a Pentile matrix based display because they tend to have a longer lifespan.
While Pentile displays have been improving over the years and a decent analogy would be the early teething issues Plasma TVs encountered, how much more playtime are we going to get out of a phone if it has a Pentile matrix? Most people don’t keep the same phone for more than two years, plus the first thing to fail is unlikely to be the display.
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