Thermaltake expands TriP power gadget range

No matter what the underlying technology, all of us spend at least part of the day thinking about electricity. Even if it’s just “Where the hell did I leave my phone charger?”, it’s always there because we know that a lack of juice will cut us off from the world faster than a bad dose of acid. Kenny Lin and the chaps at Thermaltake have been pondering this market and have come up with some options.
“With the rapid growth of mobile and portable devices, power management is becoming a more important issue all the time”, said Kenny Lin, CEO of Thermaltake.
“Thermaltake is a leader in the power supply industry with expertise chassis, power supplies and thermal solutions, making us a perfect choice for mobile solutions – which is why we launched the TriP series of total power management solution” he said.
Lin explained, “We have already created a number of new solutions, including USB AC Charger, USB Car Chargers and Portable Power Packs”.
Here’s a shot of the desktop power option, one for your car and a couple of battery chargers that can be used to boost iPods, iPads and iPhones.
From mains chargers to portable boosts for your phone/pad/pod, Thermaltake is trying to offer options
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