CM Storm Reaper Gaming Mouse Review

Today we are going to look at the last product in CM Storm’s new range of aluminium gaming products, the Reaper mouse.  This has been designed to compliment the Mech keyboard and Pulse-R headset that we have already looked at.  We look forward to seeing how the Reaper compares and if it can match the quality of the Mech and Pulse-R.
CM Storm have been producing a range of gaming oriented products for a few years now, alongside Cooler Master’s more mainstream product range.  The CM Storm brand has focused mainly on gaming peripherals and cases, both of which are well respected and desired by gamers across the globe.  The Reaper is positioned as a premium product, aimed at those gamers who are looking for the best featured and most exclusive gaming accessories.
  • Design: Palm Design
  • Body: Plastic / Aluminum / Rubber
  • Sensor: Avago 9800
  • DPI: 8200
  • Switch: Omron 5 million clicks
  • Onboard Memory: 128k
  • Inches per Second: 150
  • Max. Acceleration: 30g
  • LED Colour: White
  • Cable length: 1.8m/ 5.75 feet Braided cable
The Reaper is supplied in an attractive black and silver box which features a large artistic image of the box on the top.  The livery itself is actually a sleeve which fits snugly around the a shoe box style packet.
Turning the box over reveals another image of the mouse which is used to highlight some of its key features.  The box itself feels very high quality and should provide a good level of protection for the mouse within.
Inside the box, there aren’t any accessories included except a quick start guide. CM Storm direct us to their website to download the software utility which ensures we have the latest version.
Unlike most gaming mice, the CM Storm Reaper has an aluminium element to its construction, meaning it matches the Mech and Pulse-R aesthetically.  The main body of the mouse is constructed from black plastic, though.  This plastic is finished in soft-touch paint which offers more grip than standard paint.  The aluminium plate can actually be removed, meaning it would be fairly easy to customise the mouse.
The build quality of the Reaper cannot really be faulted.  The aluminium plate integrated into the palm area of the mouse gives the unit a reassuring level of rigidity and all of the plastics used in construction feel very good quality.
CM Storm have chosen to use a right-handed ergonomic form factor for this model which is perfectly shaped for right-handed use.  We would recommend that left-handed users opt for a different model, though.
The left and right buttons feature high quality Omron switches which have a very refined action.  They are perfectly weighted so that they can easily be depressed in quick succession and aren’t easily activated accidentally.
We are a little less impressed with the mouse-wheel.  We love the look and design of the wheel as it appears to have been milled from a single piece of aluminium.  However, the surface is too slippery to control accurately and it takes too much effort to depress it.  There are a pair of DPI switches located just behind the mouse wheel which can be assigned to different functions if desired.
Moving round to the left hand side of the mouse, there is a sculpted thumb alcove which features browser forward and back buttons, as well as a programmable ‘clutch’ button, which can be configured using the downloadable software utility.
CM Storm have chosen to restrict the LED lighting to white only, which ensures that the Reaper has a sophisticated appearance.
The Speed-RX surface is supplied rolled up inside a long and narrow cardboard box.  This has an attractive black and red design which highlights the key features of the gaming surface.
The surface itself has been designed with optical mice in mind, however is also appropriate for high-end laser gaming mice.  The surface is finished with micro-fiber cloth, which offers excellent tracking and smooth gliding.
There is a thick rubber base which keeps the surface in position on your desk.  The whole mat feels very good quality and we expect that it will last a good few years.
CM Storm produce three different sizes of the Speed-RX: 450 x 350 mm, 320 x 270 mm and 250 x 210 mm.  We have the smallest variety and it’s perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space on their desk.  We would recommend the larger sizes to those users who like to game at low sensitivities.
The software utility is located in the downloads section of the CM Storm website and must be downloaded before you can configure the mouse.
The first page of the software utility handles the button assignments.  This page lets us configure every button on the mouse and features a number of preset actions, including quick-fire modes and macros.
Using the navigation bar along the top of the screen, we can navigate to the next page which is labelled ‘Advanced’.  This section lets us configures all other aspects of the mouse, including the switchable DPI levels, LED brightness and polling rate.
The following tab lets us configure our own macros which can then be assigned to different buttons on the first page of the utility.
Clicking the ‘Profiles’ tab lets us set up different configuration profiles which can be switched at the touch of a button in-game.
Under the ‘Library’ tab, we are able to import and export macros, so that they can be backed up and so that you can share them with other gamers.
The final tab is labelled ‘Support’ and gives us links to version information and to the support section on CM Storm’s website.
We were very impressed with the performance of the Avago 9800 sensor which boasts a massive 8200 DPI resolution.  This sensor is used in other high-end gaming mice from the likes of Q-pad and is very highly regarded.  We found that it tracked with absolute precision and operated flawlessly throughout our tests.
Our only slight niggle with the Reaper is the above-average weight of the mouse.  This makes it feel slightly lethargic when moving it around the mat.  There are certainly heavier mice out there, though, and it doesn’t impact the performance of the mouse considerably. There are two Teflon strips running along the edges of the mouse on the underside which let it glide effortlessly, too.
We found that the Reaper mouse was perfectly matched to the Speed-RX surface, although many gamers (especially those who play at low sensitivities) may prefer one of CM Storm’s larger gaming surfaces.
Overall we are very impressed with what the CM Storm Reaper gaming mouse has to offer.  We would go as far to say that it’s the best product in CM Storm’s new aluminium gaming series as the Pulse R headset and Mech keyboard have some minor issues which need to be addressed.
The build quality and design of the mouse really set it out from the crowd. A large proportion of gaming mice on the market are very similar in terms of design, however the CM Storm seems rather unique in appearance. The aluminium plate adds to the weight, though, so those who prefer a light mouse should consider other options.
We were very impressed with the performance of the reaper throughout our tests, however we highly doubt that there are many gamers who will actually make use of the full resolution of the 8,200 dpi sensor.  This chase for ultra high resolution sensors seems somewhat pointless in our opinion.
At a price of around £50 from Scan, we feel that the Reaper is a good option for those looking for an attractive and well featured gaming mouse in this price bracket.  It also makes the perfect companion to the Pulse-R headset and Mech keyboard which also feature in CM Storm’s Aluminium range.
  • Sophisticated appearance.
  • Impressive performance.
  • Massive resolution capability.
  • Comprehensive software utility.
  • Removable aluminium plate (easily customisable).
  • The use of aluminium makes the mouse feel quite heavy.
Puppy says: An impressive mouse, which is the most impressive product in CM Storm’s aluminium range.
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