Youtube to add 60FPS feature in future

As part of its yearly VidCon gathering of users and video creators, Youtube has announced a whole host of features that will be coming to the video sharing site over the next few months. Most of it is designed to give creators more ways to interact with their fans or to create better experiences for viewers, though some will benefit everyone.

The most notably change on the list is that Youtube will be offering the ability to upload footage at 60 frames per second, giving video games that much smoother look than they do at the moment. It will also be adding the ability for 48 frames per second, but that’s not quite as noteworthy.
To debut the technology, a few videos have been uploaded to the Creator Channel running at the higher FPS, including the new trailer for Video Game High School Season 2:

There’s also some gameplay footage of Titanfall and Battlefield Hardline which does indeed look a little smoother.

Other new features include the ability for fans to donate to channels at any time, foregoing the need for individual Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaigns for certain projects. There’s also the ability to add sound effects with Youtube’s expanded audio library. It won’t just contain songs for much longer, but many freely available sound effects.

Text is also getting a do-over. Annotations will be cleaned up to look a little more contemporary and as a viewer, you’ll even be able to add subtitles to your favourite videos, improving on the automatic speech-recognition system. Immeasurably.
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