Fallout 4 grabs #1 spot in Steam Charts beating 'Dota 2' and 'Counter Strike

Screenshot from 'Fallout 4' (Official website)
A couple of days back, Bethesda's much anticipated open-world title, "Fallout 4," was finally made available on Steam. And because of its massive followers and devoted fans, the game, approximately one day after its initial release, have managed to make it to the #1 spot of Steam's Stats Chart and bumping Valve's popular games like the Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) "Dota 2" (previously at #1) and the first-person shooter (FPS) title "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" (previous second place holder).
According to the report from GameSpot, Bethesda's open-world title "Fallout 4" had actually managed to steal the #1 spot on Steam's Stats Chart in just (approx. less than) one day of its initial release last Nov 10. Moreover, "Fallout 4" had managed to bump "Dota 2" from its position of #1 to the second place during the process and "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" down to #3 from the #2.
For a non-Valve game, this is actually quite surprising; however, apparently this is not the first time it happened. As stated on GameSpot, when Rockstar released "Grand Theft Auto V" on Steam, the game did also manage to rake in 300,000 concurrent users, more or less, whereas "Fallout 4" did an amazing 290,000, almost 10,000 users behind "GTA V" on its initial release.
Meanwhile, on the unofficial Steam Charts, it was listed there that "Fallout 4" had raked in, and continuing to do so, an all-time peak of 469, 073.
As of this moment though, Bethesda's game is now currently sitting at the number 2 spot while "Dota 2" is now back on its previous seat at the number 1 position of Steam's official stats chart.
These results are only for the PC platform from Steam. Other platforms like on PlayStation 4 and on the Xbox One are not yet revealed whether "Fallout 4" is also doing well on the consoles or not.
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