Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 is starting to get pretty damn big

When Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 lithium-ion production facility is complete it will be the largest building by floor space in the world. It’s not quite there yet and isn’t expected to be finished until sometime in 2018, but it’s coming on apace. Even with just 14 per cent of it completed, it’s starting to look rather impressive.
The Gigafactory 1, named as such because it will likely be the first of many, was initially slated to be the biggest lithium-ion battery production facility in the world. While that is still the case – it should produce the equivalent of the entire 2013 global supply of li-ion when finished – it will now produce drive units and motors for Tesla vehicles too.
Located at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, in Nevada, U.S., the facility really is extraordinarily large. What’s already built makes the cars parked next to it look miniscule in comparison and there is still plenty more to build.

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